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Set up withholdings in SAP


Hello, I bother you to ask you how I should configure the VAT withholding indicator for M invoices, since I am testing and I can't make it take the tax amount as a taxable base. Either it takes the total net of the document or it takes zero.

I was changing this part of the configuration but I can't get it to work correctly:

SPRO> Financial Accounting (New)> Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New)> Withholding Tax> Extended Withholding Tax> Calculation> Withholding Type> Define Withholding Type: Posting for Payments

Thank you!


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Hello there,

I leave you the steps to configure the withholdings:

Withholding tax type

First of all, is to define the type of withholding. SAP FI allows you to create them of two types, for posting to invoice, or for posting to payment (for example, a down payment). We define the types in the following IMG path:

IMG-> Financial Management (new) -> Basic management settings-> Financial (new) -> Tax withholding-> Extended tax withholding-> Calculation-> Type of withholdings Tax withholding indicator

The next step is to define the withholding tax indicator. With this action, we will define the percentage to retain when the indicator is used.

IMG-> Financial Management (new) -> Financial management basic settings (new) -> Withholding tax-> Extended withholding tax-> Calculation-> Withholding indicator-> Define withholding tax indicator Accounting settings

Finally, it will be necessary to identify the G/L accounts where you want to post these withholdings. To do this you must go in the IMG to:

IMG-> Financial Management (new) -> Basic financial management settings (new) -> Withholding tax-> Extended withholding tax-> Posting-> Accounts for withholding tax-> Store accounts for withholding tax to pay (Query source: orekait)

I hope it helps you!